Last Sunday, one of the largest Southern California running events took place in beautiful Huntington Beach, California.  The 20,000 runners strong Surf City Marathon/Half Marathon was held on Super Bowl Sunday and Fil-Am Tri was there in full force!!!

The race is often seen as the start for all things triathlon and running related.  This holds true for Fil-am Tri and a hoard of FAT peeps showed up at the starting line and went on to log thousands of steps in completing either the 26.3 or 13.1 mile trek to get that beloved surf board medal.

Typical of all FAT attended races (be it run or tri related and regardless of the location), the race turned out to be a family affair.  That's because Fil-Am Tri is FAMILY.

The day started with the early risers setting up the FAT tent which was perfectly situated in a patch of grass right after the gear check in tent.  They set up the tent before the clock hit 5:30AM eventhough some of these guys were runners themselves!  Big props goes to Thomas Zaide, Noriel Simsuangco, Edgar Uyan, Sherry Simsuangco, and Thomas Zaide, and Louie Fernandez for rising as early as 4AM so as to secure the coveted patch of grass sandwiched in between the sand and the asphalt.  They had the tent, beach chairs, music, food, drinks, and coffee in tow.  Nothing beats Pinoy instant coffee...  FAT was the only triathlon club that had it's own tent and Pinoys or part Pinoys naturally gravitated towards the tent that had the easily recognizable three stars and a sun banner.

At 6:30AM, the marathon runners started lining up the start line and started psyching themselves up for the long road to running immortality.  These individuals had a long day ahead of them and it serves them right to have the open road for themselves for a litle bit over an hour.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, the half marathon runners toed the line.  Approximately 13,000 half marathon newbies and veterans was present and FAT was no exception.

After the race, a lot of chit chat and hanging out ensued under the FAT tent.  Stories and laughs we're shared while the group waited for the other racers to finish.  PRs were made and broken.  New goals were forged and friendships were made.

New friends also showed up for support namely Heidi Vu and Bryce Richmond who are part of our Ragnar running team.  Fellow pinoys and half Pinoys also stopped by to chit chat and form new connections.

Special shout out needs to be said to the running couples namely Roehl and Sol Rosales, Fritz and Joannah Santa Ana, Noriel and Sherry Simsuangco, and Mo and Ghie Banaticla.  These couples had a good time suffering out there and they were all smiles.  The couple that runs together, stays together.

Last but not least, a special thanks need to be made to the supporters of the race namely Thomas Zaide who paced the marathon runners towards the home stretch.  He probably logged at least 13.1 miles from all the pacing he made.  Then there's Edgar Uyan, Joe Harvey Pascual, Pia Nodalo, Robert and Sara Goce, Arnie Carillo, and the little tykes and toddlers who made the race and post race more fun.  Training is hard but racing is easy 'coz we share it with others during and after the pain.

It was a perfect day for a perfect race spent with the best people!



Brian Allado (6:21:47)

Mo Banaticla (3:39:32)

Paul David (4:33:17)

Noriel Simsuangco (3:52:53)

Jonathan Yance (3:48:56)

Sol Rosales (5:04:28)

Shangrila Rendon (4:09:11)

Sef Cuesico (3:35:56)

Randy Domingo (4:03:32)


Sherry Simsuangco (2:08:51)

Maria Banaticla (2:03:07)

Roehl Rosales (1:48:59)

Noah Nodalo (1:27:29)

Michelle Carillo (2:01:07)

Rosalie Kneebone (2:43:56)

Raymond Soquena (1:40:27)

Louie Fernandez (1:53:47)

Arlene Pascual (2:19:05)

Fritz Santa Ana (1:53:47)

Joannah Santa Ana (2:06:39)

Jay Simbulan (1:35:38)


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