In a mad dash to push this winter weather away, few FATs have not only been busy training through the cold, but some have already started putting in some races. Here’s a recap on what has been going on at FAT East Coast.

First weekend of March was kicked off with E. Murray Todd Half Marathon, if you have ever ran this race you know the hills of Lincroft will take no prisoners and show who has been keeping honest with their winter training or who has been taking too many extra servings at those holiday parties. Always a good year opener for FAT’s close to the area and good way to gauge your fitness level at this time of the year.


*Timmy, Kit, Jasper, Baby DJ, Philip, Raffy, Wirt and Cerrone. Cameron Smith was there too but was too fast to be caught for a still photo.

 3/17 A strong show of force for FAT at NYC Half Marathon, in this race you get to start at Central Park run through Times Square before finishing at the south end of NYC. In attendance where Brian Vorderbrueggen, Gerald Andrada, Roy James Victorio, Mark Duane Lu, Jovito Salonga, Junnetia Peralta-Salonga, Tristan Pador, Hubert Labio, Lawrence Pastor, Lloyd Omoso and first time half marathoners Ofelia Badoy, Jerome Badoy, and Geralyn Omoso


*First time half marathoners in the middle Jerome, Geralyn and Ofelia with Duane and Lloyd on the sides.

On the same weekend at the nations capital where the FAT foursome Rolan Ocampo, Peter Lantin, Timmy Aquino and Kit Verzosa who went rockin n rollin on the roads of Washington DC for the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon.


*Rolan with Kit on left photo and with Peter on right photo

3/23 Rainier Dones and Jun Bermudez went ultra at the NJ Ultra Festival. Rainier did the 50k while Jun went all out 100k! Jc Teresa was also present to do the marathon his 8th in 8 days!

On the same day Rolan Ocampo, Albert Quisumbing and twins Stephanie and Michelle Celeste ran the Allstate Half Marathon at Flushing Medows, NY. Also at same venue was the Allstate 5k in which Rowell Rojas participated.


*top photo twins Stephanie and Michelle, bottom photo Rolan (again) with Albert

Still on the same day, while everyone were busy racing or training Ironmen Andrew and Kit took a timeout from SBR, to hit the open bar and went big ring at the dance floor to celebrate the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Victor “Bogs” Mayo. Congratulations Bogs and Britt! your FAT family wishes you a lifetime of love, laughter and happy ever after. Cheers!


*Andrew and Kit with the lovely couple

3/24 Sunday was Central Park Duathlon where FAT racers Cameron and Maria where cheered on by a very energetic FAT cheering squad.


Solid work from everyone! Now let’s send some positive vibes to our FAT brothers and sisters on the West Coast as they race Oceanside 70.3 this weekend. They have 32! FAT’s racing who will be competing for top Division II club honors. Swim smooth, ride hard, run strong! Let’s go FAT!

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