Erick comes to the triathlon world already having taken on the running portion in the past. While in college, Erick competed in 10k, half marathon and marathon distances. To add on to his athletic resume, he also raced mountain bikes. In addition, he competed for years in motocross races.  It appears he’s not for want of cross training.

Erick heard about Fil Am Tri from Andrew Casino in 2008. Since he had started running again, triathlons didn’t seem to bad an idea to try out, although he couldn’t even swim 25 yards straight at the time. But not to be deterred, Erick stepped right up and took on an Ironman! His favorite race last years was Ironman Lake Placid. His first Ironman distance race, Erick finished with a time of 11:38:33. Way to go Erick!

When not competing/training Erick’s favorite pastime is staying home and watching TFC telenovelas with his wife, Bernadette.

You can catch more of Erick this 2012 year at the Boston Marathon! There he hopes to beat his personal record of 3:09. He also has his sights set on Ironman NYC, aiming to get sub 11. As is always the goal for us athletes, he also wants to remain injury free through the season. Some words of encouragement he wishes to leave with us: “the sun will always shine tomorrow no matter what.” We’re wishing you the best with everything this year Erick!

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