Sunday morning Nov. 10th over 130 tri-state area residents gathered at Central Park, New York city not to enjoy the beautiful fall morning, but with heavy hearts ran/walk in solidarity to raise funds for the recent earthquake and super typhoon survivors.   On Oct. 15th 8:20am, a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the island of Bohol and was felt strongly by other neighboring islands in the Visayas.   The quake destroyed thousands of homes, buildings, roads and took a way hundres of lives.   While the country was still recovering from the earthquake, on Friday morning Nov.8th Super Typhoon Yolanda Internationally known as Haiyan ravaged through the Visayas region and destroying everything along its path.   More Filipinos lost their homes, all their belongings and more devastating losing the lives of their love ones.

The club originally had plan this fundraising event for the earthquake victims, but organizers quickly decided to extend our help to the typhoon victims.    So we laced up our shoes and ran/walk around Central Park dedicated to the calamity victimes.   The fundraiser event raised $3,500 on that day.   But it's not too late, online donations are still being accepted via the link below.

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